Our Handmade Jewellery

What is polymer clay jewellery? I hope you find the following information interesting

Polymer Clay Art Jewellery

I create my handmade jewellery at my home in the UK, in Congleton, Cheshire. Here I will describe the basics of my jewellery  to you but my joy is in the art of creating which I put in to all my handmade pieces, turning jewellery into miniature pieces of wearable art. 

My jewellery is defined as wearable art as it is created from small blocks of polymer clay, into a piece of jewellery which is completely unique and looks so different from the original product. I use a variety of methods to create my jewellery, starting with inspiration.

Inspiration can be found from my surroundings from gritty industrial towns to beautiful sea scapes, lochs and mountains of Scotland. We also find inspiration from other polymer clay artists and use their techniques to create something we can make our own

Secondly I design my piece. I do not usually commit my designs to paper and tend to go with the flow of creativity. Polymer clay is such a malleable medium giving it huge versatility.

Polymer clay cane

Polymer clay can be made into either canes,veneers or slabs. Canes have the design running through them and are sliced and laid onto objects or sheets of clay. Veneers are thin sheets of clay which have been decorated either with cane slices, silk screens, mica powders and more. Slabs are thicker pieces of clay with a design laid on top, such as terrazzo, flowers, snakes of clay etc,  so that it is proud to the surface (which can be burnished flat)